What doctoralimente.com is

Doctor alimente offers complete consulting services in the food industry: technological design for food factories, designs for restaurants, patisseries, confectioneries, drawing of food labels, drawing product data sheet and safety data sheet of products, getting an operating notice and a lot more.

What I did

This project is going to be a tough one" is the thought that rushed through my mind the very first second I was approached by the firm. Not because I wasn’t able to do it, but because it was serious. My fun –no pressure, no consequence- days of learning and tinkering on my own webpage were over. I had to step it up.

As it was my first real project, I didn’t know much about how to organize it, timelines and the steps I had to follow. Diving head on, I came up with designs that my client was pleased with, her satisfaction fueling my excitement. Provided with the content, I had a blast finding the best places to fit it and best optimize it for other platforms but also for search engines, discoverability being on top of my clients list.

I have spent days on finding the balance between design, information and ease of use, accomplishing this by layering the dense information, so it does not overwhelm the user, but gives him the option to research deeper the client’s services, or just browse the page in quest for the answers he needs. This way the end user has a better and more fluid experience, without new page loading time, thanks to the one page design, an interesting reading experience animated by fluid motions, popups and design elements that dived the content in manageable chunks providing a fast and pleasing browsing of the information, leading to a great first impression for the business’s possible clients.

At the end of the day I was more than happy about how it all came together, and more importantly, egger to apply my new knowledge and little experience I managed to squeeze out of this job to future projects.